Massive Relocation Sale -

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Kookie Bikes will be relocating in a couple months and we don’t want to take everything with us. Most stock is heavily discounted – up to 30% So now is the time to buy NJS / Keirin stuff. Prices for new stock will be higher due to the stronger Japanese Yen!

New Champ Grips -

Friday, January 29th, 2010


Sparkle grips in Clear, Red and Black, plus glow in the dark green (clear in daylight, slime green colour in the dark)

Japan Trip – Home with some Goodies -

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

Fixies in Downtown Hamamatsu
View of Mount Fiji
We are back and open for business after a relaxing stay in Japan. Hotsprings, healthy food, etc etc.

My bags were stuffed full of new Champ grips, including new Sparkle grips in Clear, Red and Black, plus glow in the dark green (clear in daylight, slime green colour in the dark)

Didn’t see many track bikes where we were – and too cold to see many Keirin riders out training.

We are closing for X’mas and New Year -

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

We will be closing the online Shop between December 14 and January 15. Time to travel, pick up some more cool Japanese bike stuff, and chill out.

Thanks to all our loyal customers for you support in ‘09. Let’s hope bikes rule in 2010.

Matt, Kuniko and Cy

Melbourne BFF -

Monday, October 26th, 2009

BFF_Key ImageRGBHi there Matt,

With less than 4 weeks to go until the grand launch of the BFF, we’re going great guns here at HQ & we can’t wait for November to finally roll around- it’s gonna be big!

Thanks goes to you once again for your generous support of this event- we couldn’t do it without you!!

If you’re haven’t received our e-news, please get in touch and I’ll sign you up. I can also send back copies if required. You can sign up friends, relatives & any other interested parties at (

Important BFF dates for you diary: (pencil these in now!!)

Thursday 12th November- Official BFF Launch & Sweet Ride Art Show Opening
Thursday 26th – Saturday 28th November- Film Screenings at Palace Kino
Saturday 29th November- Street Party & Bikes Rock! Closing Night Party.

Have great week & speak soon.




Tokyo Skid Competition Vid -

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

CMWC’09 Tokyo Skid competition from Tomoshit on Vimeo.

Abschlussfilm über Fixed Gear Bikes -

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

fixed from David Holfelder on Vimeo.

Stock Arriving Oct -

Friday, October 2nd, 2009




New stock is arriving next week. Get in early on the following items – especially if you’ve been waiting on Sylvan Tracks in Black – they won’t last long!


FU82, 190mm extension 25.4mm clamp

NTC-150 60mm extension, 25.4mm clamp
NTC-150 80mm extension, 25.4mm clamp
NTC-150 100mm extension, 25.4mm clamp
NTC-150 120mm extension, 25.4mm clamp
NTC-225 60mm extension, 25,4mm clamp
NTC-225 60mm extension 26.0mm clamp
NTC-225 80mm extension, 25.4mm clamp
NTC-225 80mm extension, 26.0mm clamp
NTC-225 100mm extension, 25.4mm clamp
NTC-225 100mm extension, 26.0mm clamp
NTC-225 120mm extension, 25.4 mm clamp

NTC-A 100mm extension, 26mm clamp
NTC-A 80mm extension, 26.0mm clamp
NTC-A 120mm extension, 26mm clamp


Soba Flat Bars
B201AA Flat Bars
B123 CrMo Track Bar NJS 40cm
B123 CrMo Track Bar NJS 42cm
B127 CrMo Track Bar 40cm
B127 CrMo Track Bar 42cm

MKS Sylvan Track in Silver and Black

Login Issues -

Thursday, October 1st, 2009


Some returning customers from our old site have been having issues placing orders in the new Shop. The problems seem to be caused by “cookies” held by users web browsers that were used by the old X-Cart driven shop. If you’ve cleared all old “cookies” from your web browser associated with our URL and are still having problems logging-in or proceeding to the checkout, we suggest creating a completely new account, or e-mailing us to delete your old account from the system and registering again. That way, you can keep your old username etc.

Sorry about this inconvenience, but rest assured, THE SITE IS STILL WORKING!

Also, the new X-Cart software doesn’t seem to like all the colour options we have in Champ Grips, (over 18). We still have Champs in stock in most colours, so e-mail us if you want to order them until such time as we find a work-around that doesn’t involve adding a new product for every colour!

NYC — By Correspondence. -

Monday, September 21st, 2009






West Village =
Baskets / Chipped Paint / Coaster Hubs.